3 arrested in South Philadelphia drug raid

May 7, 2013 3:45:31 PM PDT
Three men have been arrested after a drug raid in South Philadelphia Tuesday afternoon.

Undercover agents pounced when a pickup truck with New York tags pulled into the 1100 block of Sigel Street.

The truck was loaded with two large metal tool boxes.

Neighbors say the man driving it ran into a nearby garage and tried to hide upstairs.

"I noticed the truck pulled up with the orange containers in it. Minutes after the truck pulled up, I was in [another] garage, I hear screaming and footsteps. I turn around. There are like 15 cops, DEA agents running with guns out," Roger DeCicco said.

The raid was conducted by Montgomery County detectives from the narcotics unit.

They were assisted by State Police who handcuffed and arrested three men.

Inside the garage, police found more of the orange tool boxes and other evidence, which included a large cardboard box overflowing with stacks of $100 bills.

After a search of the garage, the police loaded the boxes and some scooters into a box truck.

Action News has learned the garage was rented by a Center City scooter rental agency. The landlord says he was in the dark.

"I don't know really nothing to be honest with you," the landlord said.

The block is lined with garages owned by mechanics and contractors.

They say they arrested a man who was driving the pickup.

They say he moved, what appeared to be a scooter maintenance operation, into the garage about a year ago and seemed like a nice guy.

"He was congenial, nice, always say hello," neighbor Joe Pasquarello said.

Neighbors are left with a lot of questions that may not be answered for awhile since this is an ongoing investigation.