Sinkhole disrupts life in Palmer Township

May 7, 2013 3:46:58 PM PDT
The official word in Palmer Township is that the cause of a giant sinkhole remains unknown.

But resident Bonnie Cullen, whose home sits just a few yards away, says she has no doubt it's linked to a water main break that created two other sinkholes on her block last month.

Her fear is that this is just the beginning.

"If our foundation is cracked here, our neighbor's foundation is cracked. Where did that water go? How many caverns or tunnels are underneath our property that we don't know about?" Cullen said.

In fact, Bonnie says even before this most recent hole opened up, her entire property started shifting.

"Several cracks in the basement, our steps have sunken in, our plaster walls on our 1924 are cracked inside, doors won't shut properly," Cullen said.

As Bonnie showed Action News photos of sinkholes that opened up in April, she told us her insurance company has already denied her claim.

She has since filed a claim with the Easton Suburban Water Authority.

But officials there are giving no guarantees.

"It's still up in the air. We provide the information to our insurance carrier; they provide their information to their insurance carrier and, actually, the insurance companies will decide if there's any liability whatsoever," Roy White, Easton Suburban Water Authority Executive Director, said.

So now, all Bonnie Cullen can do is wait and hope that this is the last sinkhole she will ever see.

But she admits, she is not feeling very optimistic.

"This was to be my final home, I was not going to pack my stuff up and move anywhere else. I just retired last summer and I was looking forward to a peaceful spring to do my gardening, but it's been far from peaceful," Cullen said.