Fans turn out for a dry practice at U.S. Open

ARDMORE, Pa. - June 11, 2013

The pools of rain that had gathered Monday are now gone, and the golfers can get back to practice.

Players and fans are enjoying the Tuesday's practice much more after three torrential downpours chased them from the course on Monday.

"It rained off and on, and we left about 2:30, 2:45 and it really let loose," said Dick Reilly.

But instead of running from the rain, Dick and Linda Reilly planted themselves in a nice shady spot Tuesday near the 15th green.

The umbrellas were out again, but this time to give the fans some shade from the bright sun overhead.

For the fans, the practice rounds are a chance to get close to the players and watch their favorites without having to squeeze through a big crowd.

Bill Fry collects golf memorabilia. He was close enough to approach the players for autographs.

"I have a US Open flag for all the major winners, that's what I am trying to get," he said.

Bill had already collected 7 signatures, but says he is hoping for 100.

Bill's son says he is learning from a master; more than one master.

"To watch and learn," said Mike Fry.

It was a great morning to watch the players tuning up for the tournament.

For some fans it was just enough to walk these hallowed grounds and soak up the history, along with a little mud.

"It is very special," said Gerry Schneiders. "I've heard about it a lot, and think my husband has been here and played, so we are walking around getting our feel."

Some have returned for the memories.

"I love the game, I love watching tournaments at play, and this is a beautiful course. I had my wedding reception here many years ago, so it is very special in that regard as well," said Robin Crowley.

And many more memories will be made at Merion before the week is over. Hopefully it will be the golf that people remember and not the wet weather.

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