Saving with 6abc: Travel phrases that mean big savings

August 21, 2013

Information: Budget Travel

"Can I get an upgrade?"

Budget Travel says ask politely and be willing to wait for an answer. You may have to pay "up-sell' fee of $50 or more to get out of coach. It works for hotels, too.

"Bump me!"

Budget Travel says just saying this phrase may you get you moved up to first class. But be careful, it may actually get you bumped!

"I serve in the military."

Budget Travel says first-class passengers have been known to trade seats with military personnel as a way of saying "thank you" for their service. Cruise lines will also offer discounts to those in the military.

"Would you like some chocolate?"

Go to to read how this worked for one travel advice expert.

"We're on our honeymoon!"

Budget Travel says their readers have had luck getting moved to first or business class after telling the airline personnel at check-in they were newlyweds. But make sure it's true!

"I have kids."

This is one for hotels. Budget Travel says hotels will be willing to upgrade you to a suite at no charge and give you a later check out time, too.

"I'm flying alone."

Budget Travel says if the airline knows you are flying solo, they might move you to a first or business class seat to accomodate families.

"Give me the cheapest car you have."

Budget Travel says it's a worth a shot to book the lowest-price car available and show up "super-early in the morning." A free upgrade to a bigger car may be in your future.

"Has the price gone down?"

Budget Travel say to call the airline or hotel regularly as your trip approaches and, if the price goes down, ask for a refund or re-book. (But make sure there's no significant re-booking fee!)

"Is that 'free' newspaper going to cost me $25?"

Budget Travel says to ask about extra fees up front when making the reservation. You don't want to be surprised!

"I'm a return customer."

This helps when booking a cruise. Budget Travel says it could get you a 15% discount.

"I'm 55+."

If you say this phrase, and are really 55 years or older, Budget Travel says you should be given a 5% discount from most cruise lines.

Information: Budget Travel

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