Flight cancellations expected during Thursday's storm

PHILADELPHIA - Febraury 12, 2014

Officials say Philadelphia International Airport had normal operations for most of Wednesday, but flight cancellations were beginning to come in for destinations where the storm has already begun.

Many local air travelers say they were lucky to be able to get out.

"We're happy that we are getting out of here just in time," said Jay Santiago. "We're happy that we are going to 79 degree weather."

Jay Santiago was on his way to Las Vegas, but other were not so lucky, especially those trying to fly into Atlanta.

More than two-thirds of all scheduled flights to and from Atlanta's airport have been canceled.

The total of canceled flights at Hartsfield Jackson-Atlanta International Airport by Wednesday afternoon.

Officials at Atlanta's airport, which is Delta Air Lines' main hub, have said they plan to keep it open, with some key employees spending the night in the terminal.

In Charlotte, N.C., more than half of all inbound and outbound flights for Wednesday, more than 800 flights, have been cancelled.

Officials at Philadelphia International say Wednesday flights were relatively normal.

"But tomorrow is going to be a completely different story," said PHL spokesperson Vicky Lupica. "We're expecting 6 to 12 inches of snow potentially, winds gusting, and blowing snow. The airlines are probably making some plans preliminarily to cancel flights or to adjust schedules in anticipation of this weather we are expecting."

While officials say they cannot control the weather, they are prepared to deal with whatever it may bring.

"We are fully deployed with equipment and personnel, anything that we need to treat the runways, the roadways, the salt, and the walkways. We are also fully prepared inside the terminal building," said Lupica.

Many veteran travelers are more than aware of the travel nightmare cause by major storms, that's why many of them were working hard to get out ahead of the storm.

"We're on standby, so I certainly hope we will be getting out just in time," said Anu Chaki. "We're going to San Francisco."

Of course, anyone who is expecting to fly at all over the next few days is urged to check the status of your flight with the airline or call 1-800-PHL-GATE.

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