Philadelphia Zoo welcomes 2 new tiger cubs

FAIRMOUNT PARK - March 13, 2014

Starting Thursday there are two new, and adorable, reasons to visit the Philadelphia Zoo: Wiz and Dmitri, a pair of Amur tiger cubs.

Native to Siberia, the twin brothers arrived in Philadelphia this January from the Columbus Zoo in Ohio.

After a little orientation, they are making their debut at Big Cat Falls.

"They are amazing. They are fun, literally so much fun. At 20 months old, they have so much energy. They run the entire exhibit and go straight up to the glass to see the kids," said Kay Buffamonte, lead keeper at Big Cat Falls.

Wiz and Dimitri may look big but really they're just overgrown toddlers, not even two years old.

Expect them to get a little taller and maybe put on another 100 pounds, especially since they eat 17 pounds of meat a day.

While the two were born minutes apart, they already have distinct personalities.

"Wiz is a little more confident. He came out into the yard a little more slowly but felt better about it. Dimitri has kind of taken his time as he goes along," said Buffamonte.

Wiz and Dimitri are like any other pair of little boys - playful and mischievous, pulling down a 'Welcome' sign, doing a little tag and chase, and showing a lot of curiosity about us on the other side of the glass.

"It's so thrilling anytime we get a new arrival. It's great and these two are so wonderful. It's a very endangered species and it's great for our zoo to have that," said Sharon Stein, zoo volunteer.

However while the older cats may like to nap and lounge, expect these new additions to keep you on your toes, and in giggles, as they add a little zip to the zoo.

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