Motorcyclist wants justice after Reading hit-and-run

READING, Pa. - March 31, 2014

Mark Stitzer's motorcycle is now bound in a brace, recovering from a shattered spine. Though his body is broken, his will to find justice remains strong.

Stitzer says despite the fact that he spent two days in the hospital and suffered four compression fractures and nine bulging discs in his spine, he realizes that he is one lucky young man.

He tells us, "I broke my back, but there are hundreds of other riders out there that aren't so lucky to say that they can walk, or even be able to talk. There are so many that perish in accidents like this."

Earlier this month, Stitzer was riding his motorcycle through the city of Reading. He says he was traveling down 9th Street, and just as he crossed the intersection with Franklin Street a vehicle in the left lane quickly cut him off.

"It was a pretty split-second decision to either lay it over or hit him and fly over. And I decided it would probably do less damage all around if I lay the bike down. That is what I did."

Stitzer started tumbling down the road and came to a stop only after slamming his head into a parked car.

The 21-year-old says he is certain his helmet saved his life.

Stitzer also says he understands how the person responsible could be frightened about what happened, but he cannot believe that person simply took off.

"He left without knowing if I really was alive, if I was paralyzed, if I could move. Depending on where I broke my back I could have suffocate even."

Witnesses told police they saw the driver of the vehicle involved pull over down the road on 9th Street. He allegedly got out, looked back at the scene of the accident, and then got back in the car and took off.

Stitzer says he'll know in a few weeks if he'll need spinal surgery.

Meantime, the vehicle involved is described as a dark blue four door sedan.

Stitzer's family members have collected $600 as reward money for information leading to the driver's arrest. If you have any information you are urged to contact Reading Police.

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