NJ artist creates a hub for international creativity at Galerie Marie

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Sunday, December 10, 2023
NJ artist creates a hub for international creativity at Galerie Marie
Kimberly Camp is bringing her 55 years of art experience to Galerie Marie with art gathered from across the globe.

COLLINGSWOOD, New Jersey (WPVI) -- This store is a gathering spot for art from across the globe in the local area.

"It widens our aesthetic of what we understand to be beautiful," said owner Kimberly Camp.

Galerie Marie located in Collingswood, NJ provides a world tour of creativity highlighting handmade pieces.

"I have work here from all over the world. There's Irish artists, French artists. I have things from Kazakhstan, and Collingswood and Philadelphia," said Camp.

Camp's own hand crafted art can be found amongst the collection as well.

"When you get something that's handmade you know it's unique. It's one of a kind, and you help build your own community," said Camp.

Her paintings hang on the walls and her dolls catch the eyes of guests.

"The dolls that I make also reflect a lot of that international flare," said Camp.

The prices range on a scale where anybody can bring home a piece of art.

"The point is that everybody can come in and get something that's made by hand," said Camp.

Camp's 55 year art career culminates in this shop where she hopes customers can learn about the world, and themselves.

"That's what art's supposed to do. It's supposed to allow you to discover things within yourself, as well as acknowledging the world in which we live," said Camp.

For more information on Galerie Marie, check out their website.