Longtime 6abc employee shares view behind the lens through passion for photography

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Friday, January 27, 2023
6abc employee shares view behind lens through passion for photography
For the last 39 years Bruce Neumann has worked behind the scenes at 6abc, sharing his passion for photography with our viewers.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- For the last 39 years Bruce Neumann has worked behind the scenes at 6abc.

"I was able to make a career out of being creative," says Neumann, who's worked in various roles at WPVI-TV.

As the Action News theme song suggests, he's encouraged viewers to "move closer to your world" through his work by sharing stories from around the region and the world.

"Primarily, I'm a video editor," says Neumann. "I started out in TV news, edited news, then I jumped to magazine editing."

He says he worked on the 6abc show "Primetime" for about ten years, doing videography and editing.

Now he works in marketing as an audience engagement producer for the station.

"I create commercials that promote our on-air product," says Neumann.

After work, Neumann says he's often carrying his camera.

"I love photography. It's a passionate thing for me," he says. "My camera takes me places I wouldn't normally go."

He takes a little bit of time at the Camden waterfront shooting the USS New Jersey, waiting to capture the perfect shot of the sunset. He says he uses a wide-angle lens to capture the entire length of the ship, adjusting his exposure so it gives "a nice little star effect" on the sun.

"When I come home and I have the exact picture I imagined in my head, that's a win," he says.

Neumann has a vast collection of photographs that he's taken all over the United States.

"I shoot everything and anything," he says. "I love the city skyline, that's always fun."

He's shot hot air balloons in New England, polar bears at the Philadelphia Zoo, and the Milky Way in Utah out west.

"One of my passions is shooting astrophotography, so I shoot the stars at night," he says.

With the use of technology, he says he's able to stitch photographs together to create short time-lapse videos.

"The time lapse of a Milky Way rising and drifting across the sky is just interesting to watch," he says. "I'm always looking for something different."

Neumann says he enjoys sharing his hobby with viewers, so he sends in his photographs for 6abc newscasters to use in the weather segment. He says he feels "very fortunate" to work at a station like WPVI-TV where his work could be featured on a larger scale.

"And it's been a great run," he says.

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