Pa. man with autism provides a voice to the nonverbal community as an author and advocate

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Thursday, December 14, 2023
Pa. author with autism provides a voice to the nonverbal community
Gregory Tino is a Havertown man with autism who advocates for understanding.

HAVERTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- This Havertown man was voiceless for years due to his autism and apraxia.

Now, he writes books to describe the first hand experiences of having autism, providing a voice to other nonspeakers so they can be understood.

For many years, Gregory Tino's intellect was thought to be compared to a child-like state.

His apraxia impacts the use of his body in many ways. One of those being his ability to properly express his thoughts through speech.

Through communication programs, Tino learned how to write and showcase his intellectual capabilities.

From there, Tino has cataloged the experience of being a nonverbal autistic person on the page.

Specific examples and scenarios can be found in his books to educate the world about what people go through in this situation.

"There are some...that unfortunately, they are so affected by their apraxia that maybe they won't be able to do the same things that he is able to do," said Gregory Tino's mom, Linda Tino.

"So he is trying to create an understanding so people will understand silent autistics that can't really tell you what's going on inside of them," she continued.

Ever since obtaining this skill and following this path, Tino has a newfound sense of belonging, and a mission.

"This gives me a very worthy goal and meaningful purpose to my life. Never judge a book by its cover. I am living proof of that," said Gregory Tino.

For more information on Tino and his mission, check out his Facebook page.