Battleship New Jersey moves to location where it will be dry docked for maintenance

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Wednesday, March 27, 2024
Battleship New Jersey moves to dry docking location
Battleship New Jersey moves to location where it will be dry docked for maintenance

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- People got a second chance to see the U.S.S. New Jersey on the move Wednesday, as the historic ship made its way down the Delaware River.

The Battleship New Jersey, guided by tugboats, docked at the Paulsboro Marine Terminal last Thursday, where it was balanced to prepare for dry docking before moving to the Navy Yard.

Battleship New Jersey arrives at Paulsboro Marine Terminal; will head next to Philadelphia Navy Yard

The historic ship departed from the Paulsboro Marine Terminal on the Jersey side of the Delaware River at 11 a.m.

The battleship made its way to the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, where it will be dry docked for maintenance.

The maintenance work is expected to take about two months to complete, officials said. Three major repair projects are planned, including repainting the ship's hull, fixing the anti-corrosion system underneath the ship and inspecting through-hull openings.

The ship was built at the Navy Yard during the late 1930's, launching from there on Dec. 7, 1942, the first anniversary of the Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor. The battleship served for about 50 years before its retirement in February 1991. It has been a floating museum since 2001.

Last week's move was the first time the ship has moved since 1999. Action News was there to cover that event nearly 25 years ago.

Action News archive video from 1999 shows the last time the Battleship New Jersey was moved.

The ship is the most decorated battleship in Navy history, earning distinction in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War and conflicts in the Middle East, according to its website. The ship steamed more miles, fought in more battles and fired more shells in combat than any other battleship.

There will be dry dock guided tours on the ship beginning on April 6.

The ship will be back in Camden sometime in June.