Eagles fans, experts split on what to do with Carson Wentz

Fans are wondering what has happened to the Eagles' franchise QB

Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Eagles fans, experts split on what to do with Carson Wentz
Everyone has an opinion on what the Birds should do with quarterback Carson Wentz.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Here we are 10 games into the 2020 NFL season and the Philadelphia Eagles have only three wins, and a whole bunch of issues that all start with their franchise quarterback, Carson Wentz, who suddenly looks like he forgot how to play the position.

It's hard to believe this Carson Wentz -- the one who leads the league in turnovers (18), interceptions (14), fumbles (10) and sacks taken (40) -- is the same Carson Wentz who was an MVP candidate in 2017.

Or the same QB who led the Eagles to four straight wins to end 2019 en route to a division title.

His confidence looks shaken and so too is the fans confidence in him, evident by our poll in which 89% of takers said Wentz should be benched.

All sorts of people, from average Joes to expert analysts, calling for Doug Pederson to bench him. Except Pederson said he is absolutely not entertaining that notion because it sends the wrong message.

We heard from some other experts this week, Ron Jaworski and former Coach Dick Vermeil who both agree, you can't sit Carson, not now at least.

The Eagles offensive line is a mess - they needed five different combinations to get thru the game last week.

Add to that the toughest schedule in the NFL over the next 4 games, and it's hard to feel hopeful.

But this year, we can be THANKFUL, that there's football to watch at all.