The Boss or Miles Teller's dad? Bruce Springsteen spotted at World Series Game 4 in Philly

ByBrock Koller WPVI logo
Thursday, November 3, 2022
Go Phillies!
Go Phillies!

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Boss was in the house for Game 4 of the World Series at Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia Wednesday night.

Wait, we think it was Bruce Springsteen.

According to Sports Illustrated senior writer Stephanie Apstein, the Phillies crew initially put Miles Teller on the Phanavision jumbotron along with a man standing next to him.

They displayed the name "Bruce Springsteen," presumably to identify the man next to the "Top Gun: Maverick" actor.

The only issue - it was not Springsteen.

It turned out to be Miles Teller's dad!

The real Springsteen was later found in the sold-out crowd and his name was correctly displayed on the screen.

But the Phillies crew had some fun with Papa Teller. They went back to show the actor's dad once again, but this time with his name being "Not Bruce Springsteen."

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Another Sports Illustrated writer, Emma Baccellieri, said the stadium played "Glory Days" when showing the real Rock & Roll Hall of Famer. (They had played "Dancing in the Dark" during the first go-around.)

Action News sports reporter Jamie Apody got a glimpse of the New Jersey rocker backstage.

Adam Winkler, the sports reporter at our sister station KTRK-TV in Houston, described the scene in another way.

"Bruce Springsteen was shown on the video board. He has many, many hits. The Phillies currently have the opposite of 'many, many hits,'" Winkler tweeted.

He was referring to the Phillies eventually being shut out 5-0 in only the second no-hitter in World Series history, and the first combined no-hitter in MLB postseason history.

Well, Philly is tougher than the rest and we'll be looking to make some big hits during Game 5 Thursday night at The Bank.