Delaware Senator Chris Coons talks Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, transition from Donald Trump and local politics

The long-term senator touches on a wide range of topics following the election.

ByMatt O'Donnell and Niki Hawkins WPVI logo
Monday, November 16, 2020
Senator Chris Coons talks 2020 Election, Biden/Harris administration
The Delaware Senator discusses the outcome of the historic election, how our region was thrust into the international spotlight and the transition from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Host Matt O'Donnell interviews Delaware Senator Chris Coons (D) and discusses the outcome of the historic 2020 election.

He also chimes in on how our area has been thrust into the international spotlight, the next steps for the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris transition team, how they will work to control the COVID-19 spike, and possibilities for future cabinet positions.

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