Morning Moms: Jill Schuman says finding joy is key

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Thursday, October 1, 2020
Morning Moms: Jill Schuman says joy is key
Morning Moms: Jill Schuman says joy is key

Today's morning mom manages the mess while still finding a way to laugh.

Jill Schuman from Bucks County says despite the pandemic, she cherishes this time with her tiny "wrecking balls."

Jill has been working from home since the restrictions started in March.

She has company in her 5-year-old Bryce and 18-month old Emily, while dad Paul is at work.

The children are having a blast while at home and they have all learned to appreciate the laid-back life.

Jill admits it can be stressful, but she tries to find the silver lining while keeping her sense of humor.

She takes pictures of the family's daily life and when she looks back she sees a common theme: joy.

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