Police combat uptick in violence after 8 injured in two drive-by shootings in North Philadelphia

ByCorey Davis via WPVI logo
Monday, October 14, 2019
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Police combat uptick in violence after 8 injured in two drive-by shootings in North Philadelphia. Corey Davis reports on Action News at 5 on Oct. 14, 2019.

Detectives are investigating two similar drive-by shootings in North Philadelphia that left eight people injured within 24 hours.

The first shooting happened around 5:30 p.m. Sunday near 8th and W. Clearfield Streets.

The second happened about 17 hours later, on Monday morning. The second drive-by shooting was less than a mile away, near Somerset and Fairhill Streets.

People in the area are concerned about the safety of children are being put in harm's way.

"It's sad, you hear something going on every day, but you don't think it's going to hit you at your own front door," said James Hines, who lives nearby.

A series of gunshots threw Hines' life into chaos Sunday night. He found his 14-year-old son, nephew and four other victims on the ground after being shot.

The victims ranged in age from 14 to 27 are expected to make a recovery. Hines said he piled them in a car and rushed them to the hospital.

Police said the victims were treated for gunshots to the hips, legs, hands and chest.

"It's unfortunate, again there's been an increase. Right now, we don't have anything linking any of the incidents together," said Captain Javier Rodriguez.

Residents in the area said they heard several gunshots.

"It was like a total of around 10, 11 gunshots," said North Philadelphia resident Victor Rivera.

Police said people riding in an SUV fired those shots and hit two men in the head and lower back while they were walking.

The driver somehow crashed into a fire hydrant at 7th and Somerset streets and then everyone in the SUV took off.

"The kids are going to school. One of the kids could've gotten shot," said North Philadelphia resident Esther Caycoya.

Police said they're working to get ahead of the increase of violence.

"We're always watching our deployment and making sure we have the manpower needed to curb the violence," Rodriguez said.

But Hines doesn't believe enough his being done.

"They don't even patrol the block like they should. They know where the trouble at, but they do nothing but ride past it until it happens," Hines said.

Investigators are encouraging people in the community to come forward with information that could help with the cases and their efforts to reduce violence in the area.