Students turn the page on their reading journey with a perfect pet audience in Woolwich Township

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Friday, March 8, 2024
Students turn the page on reading journey with perfect pet audience
By reading to dogs and cats, students were able to turn the page on their skills in a stress-free environment.

WOOLWICH TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Today, students in Woolwich Township read books to dogs and cats, bringing calmness to both parties involved as they practiced their skills with the perfect audience.

For students who may feel anxious when it comes to getting their reading abilities graded or judged, this was a perfect exercise for them.

"We need them to feel comfortable...They're going to read in a judge-free zone. Being able to make mistakes and not feel graded or corrected and wash that anxiety away when it comes to reading," said Behavioral Analyst, Alayna Pasztalaniec.

With the nature of animals including a lack of judgment, staff involved see it as a great way for students to foster the love of reading.

With help from FURever as Friends, the event was made possible at General Charles G. Harker School.

"I started doing this in nursing homes and from there I went into schools and libraries, hospitals...I think they just feel more at ease. It encourages them to read...The animals and the kids just love it," said FURever as Friends President, Sharon Bednar.

Check out their websites for more information on General Charles G. Harker School and FURever as Friends.