Philadelphia's extensive history of fighting fires is on display at the Fireman's Hall Museum

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
The history of heroic firefighters is on display in Philadelphia
The Fireman's Hall Museum showcases the history of Philadelphia's heroism and fire safety.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- For those looking for a trip to the city, or Philadelphians planning a day in their community, the Fireman's Hall Museum promotes fun and fire safety!

"There's been a lot of sacrifice to make this experience great for all ages...To learn where we came from to where we are today in fire safety," said Firefighter and Curator, Brian Anderson.

Guests can learn about Philadelphia's extensive history of fighting fires dating back to Benjamin Franklin.

The museum also honors fallen heroes who have lost their lives fulfilling their duties.

"The history lives on. 305 members have died in the line of duty from the start of 1871 to current...keep the memorial alive for all those members who died in the line of duty, and we keep promoting and keep educating the particular tools that are used to make your home fire-safe," said Anderson.

With self-guided tours, the past, present and future of fighting fires is on display.

"I love coming in here every day to make sure the museum is ready to be visited by guests. You get caught with the different artifacts in here, whether it's an old tool that was used. I just like coming through and it's like visiting the history of the department and the sacrifices that were made before I came on," said Anderson.

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