The Dish: Chicken Piccata with Susan Noles from 'The Golden Bachelor' ahead of the Women Tell All

Susan invited us into her home in Aston, Delaware County to learn the recipe to a dish she made for the women on the show.

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Friday, November 10, 2023
The Dish: Chicken Piccata with Delco's Susan Noles from 'The Golden Bachelor' ahead of the Women Tell All
The Dish: Chicken Piccata with Delco's Susan Noles from 'The Golden Bachelor' ahead of the Women Tell All episide

ASTON, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- If you're a fan of ABC's "The Golden Bachelor," then you've surely been captivated by our very own Delco diva, Susan Noles.

Gerry didn't choose her, but fans everywhere have fallen in love with her, especially here at home.

So, she invited us into her home to learn the recipe to a dish she made on the show: Chicken Piccata.

Susan Noles' heart is even bigger than her personality, and when you enter her Aston home, you'd better come with a big appetite.

"You know Italians, we say 'Mangia!' Eat!'" Susan says. "That's what Italian people spread love with. Is it's our love language."

And that's just how she planned to win Gerry's heart.

"One night, I made chicken cutlets, and I had to bring it out for our little talk that we had," she recalls. "Afterwards, he sent somebody in to see if I had any chicken cutlets left."

The Dish: Chicken Piccata with Susan Noles from 'The Golden Bachelor'

She also told him about the other dishes she was making behind the scenes, like meatballs and chicken piccata.

"I made it for the girls in the house and the producers," she says.

Gerry may have missed out, but not us! We came for her chicken piccata recipe. It's one she says she learned from The Towne Crier in Upper Darby.

"It's the easiest dish, and my family has loved it for years," she says.

"You will impress anyone that comes over to have it because it's delicious," she says. "The only ingredients are white pepper, flour, olive oil, butter, lemon capers, and a little bit of white wine. That's it."

Start with the chicken cutlets, pounded really thin and dredge them in the flour and white pepper. Use a little olive oil and melt down a good amount of butter in a hot pan.

"Then, we're going to place our chicken in the pan and we're going to brown it on each side," Susan says.

They're thin, so it goes fast.

Squeeze in some fresh lemon and then let that reduce. Add some white wine to the pan, some capers and you're done!

Garnish with fresh parsley and lemon and mangia!

Susan recommends cranking up the Frank Sinatra and pouring a glass of wine to go with your meal.

Susan reflects on her memorable journey on "The Golden Bachelor"

"I feel like I never made a stranger," Susan says of her love of people. "Everyone is a friend instantly."

She says her "Golden Bachelor" journey has been magical. She also learned a lot about herself.

"I am a woman that a man needs," she says. "I love hard, I cook hard, I play hard. I I love my family and my friends. I love my life."

Susan came onto the show just as she is: the ultimate hype woman. She not only cooked for the other women in the house, but she did their hair and makeup too.

"I helped them get ready," she says. She has decades of experience and was happy to be the last one ready.

"They felt so pretty, and they felt so special. Some of the girls couldn't do their hair as good as I could. I was like, 'Come here!'," she says.

Susan is now a wedding officiant with her own business, Nuptials by Noles.

"I'm in love with love," she says. She's confident that her own second chance is coming.

"That's what this is about, letting people know our life is not over at 66. This is the best chapter," she says.

And Thursday night, Susan's back for the highly anticipated "The Golden Bachelor: The Women Tell All" episode.

"It's going to be a great show," she says. "It was fun and exciting, and heart wrenching too."

She says it was more like a reunion with all of her friends.

"The Golden Bachelor: The Women Tell All" airs Thursday night at 8 p.m. on 6abc. You can also stream and watch full episodes from the whole season on Hulu.

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