Troubleshooters: Consumers could get money back after settlement with gravestone company

ByNydia Han and Cheryl Mettendorf WPVI logo
Thursday, February 2, 2023
Consumers could get money back after gravestone company settles
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Consumers who believe they were ripped off by a family business that sold gravestones and engravings have secured a major victory.

Consumers who believe they were ripped off by a family business that sold gravestones and engravings have secured a major victory.

The Stefans' most recent business name was 1843 Memorials but they've operated under many others.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General is asking all unhappy customers of the Stefans to file with their office because, thanks to a court settlement, they could get their money back.

Dorothy Hitchcock of Norristown, Montgomery County was one of those customers who complained to the Action News Troubleshooters.

"I just don't know how anybody can come in and take advantage of somebody when they're hurting so bad," she said.

Hitchcock was one of 160 consumers who contacted the Troubleshooters after they said they paid for headstones and engravings that the Stefans failed to deliver.

"When people are at their most vulnerable moment, and to walk in and steal - that's evil. That's just evil," Natalie Rush of Quakertown said.

The Stefans operated under a dozen company names.

And as the Troubleshooters have fought to get refunds and some measure of peace for our viewers, we've also tried getting answers.

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"What about all the other people who have complaints against your business?" Nydia Han asked Greg Stefan Sr. in 2015. "We've had two tough winters," he replied. "That's all you have to say?" she asked. "We're doing the best we can. We're trying every day.

The Troubleshooters also asked Greg Stefan Jr. about the complaints in 2015.

"Nydia, we've responded to your questions and you don't have permission to film me," he responded.

On Thursday, the Troubleshooters asked the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office if they believed the Stefans intentionally bilked consumers.

"Yes, we believe that the conduct here was willful," said Debra Warring, Senior Deputy at the Attorney General's office.

Warring said on behalf of the 177 consumers who complained to their office the Stefans are now prohibited from operating in Pennsylvania.

"The position of this office is that that should be permanent," she said. "What these individuals have been doing is once one company gets in trouble, they'll stop using that company and start a new company."

But the recent settlement names the Stefans themselves: Greg Stefan Sr. and his sons, Greg Stefan Jr. and Gerard Stefan.

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The Attorney General's office also said consumers will get money back after the Stefans agreed to pay full restitution.

The Stefans have also indicated they eventually will ask the court for approval to resume business but the Attorney General's office said it will fight against it.

The settlement is subject to court approval and there will be a window for additional restitution claims if you haven't yet filed with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office.

To file a complaint with the PA Attorney General's office about the Stefans, click here.