Can hypnosis motivate you to work out?

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Hypnosis is used for all kinds of things, but can it be used to jump start your workout? (WPVI)

Hypnosis is used for all kinds of things, but can it be used to jump start your workout?

Turns out lots of people, including Hollywood actress Olivia Munn, swear by hypnosis as the key to their motivation.

Hypnotist Elena Beloff says she's changed many lives through hypnosis.

Right now, she is working with 21-year-old Maggie Caputi to reach her goal of running a half marathon.

"You are in a relaxed state. You can see yourself exercising and you can see yourself getting the benefits so your mind gets excited about it," said Beloff.

One of her clients, 42-year-old Kevin Johnson, says he went from chain smoking to pumping iron.

"My habits have changed drastically every day after work instead of getting a snack or getting a cigarette, I now go straight to the gym and use that to burn off steam and anxiety," said Johnson. "Hypnosis just put a positive spin on my life and I look forward to going to the gym everyday."

He's now 15 pounds lighter and feels great.

Believe it our not, even the American Psychiatric Association gives hypnosis a thumbs up. But some are quick to caution it's not a magic pill.

"Hypnosis is not going to be a magic bullet to get someone to get healthier eat better or workout. I certainly wouldn't tell anybody to put all their eggs in the hypnotherapy basket," said Dr. Keith Ayoob, Registered Dietician at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Beloff acknowledges that real workout results come from discipline and hard work, but says hypnosis may help you get there.

Experts say hypnosis is essentially a hyper-focused form of meditation and can work as an effective motivator because a relaxed mind is more open to the power of suggestion.
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