Swimming helps kids with asthma, experts say

It's not always easy for kids with asthma to exercise safely.

But experts say there's one activity that can keep those kids fit. And lessen their asthma symptoms.

Swimming - especially in indoor pools - can help children build fitness without risking an asthma attack.

Doctors at National Jewish Health in Denver say the humid air helps keep their airways open.

"When you get them into that pool with that warm air, and teach them how to regulate their breathing, they can do a lot more with physical activity than they would be able to do otherwise," said director of education Jennifer McCullough, Morgridge Academy.

And as the kids' lungs get stronger, they get better control of their asthma.

They also lose their fear of exercise, and become more confident.

At one school for kids with chronic diseases, they've found that students who swim have fewer emergency room visits and hospital stays.
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