Fitness Friday: Combination Class at Body Ride Studio

Friday, June 1, 2018
Fitness Friday: Body Ride in Limerick, Pa.
Fitness Friday: Body Ride in Limerick, Pa. - Ali Gorman reports during Action News at 5pm on June 1, 2018.

LIMERICK, Pa. (WPVI) -- Many studios are now offering two classes in one so you can get all your exercise in without spending too much time at the gym.

We tried one out at Body Ride studio in Limerick. One of their classes combines spin with barre, so you get your cardio, strength training and lots of positive energy in just 50 minutes.

Jennifer Marinucci, fitness instructor and owner of Body Ride, leads us off with a high-intensity spin class. It's 20 minutes to get your heart pumping, legs burning and endorphins flowing.

"Going into the dark room, getting our cardio, releasing the anxiety of the day," said Marinucci.

She incorporates different moves to keep things fun and interesting and to boost your mood.

After spin, we move right next door for 25 minutes of barre. It's an exercise regimen developed by a dancer to sculpt, strengthen and stretch muscles.

The combination class is perfect for busy, working parents like Michelle Fisher. "I feel like I bang it out and like I'm good for the day," she said.

For Nicole Tucker, it helped her lose 50 pounds and so much more.

"You start to notice when you're stronger and your jeans fit better and you just start to carry yourself a little more confident," she said, adding, " I love that you feel strong and you feel empowered."

That's what Marinucci says it's all about, not just working to become healthier physically but also emotionally.

"We want you to come here and leave a better person, more prepared for life. We train in here for the living our there," Marinucci said.

It's a very welcoming studio and all fitness levels are invited. Classes cost about $20 per session. Along with this combination class, they offer a variety of different workouts.