Driver sought after man killed in Trenton, New Jersey hit-and-run

Family members say the loving father left a family game night in a rideshare and was struck outside the vehicle.

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Thursday, September 16, 2021
Driver sought after man killed in Trenton hit-and-run
The family members of a man who was killed in a Trenton, New Jersey hit-and-run are pleading for answers.

TRENTON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- The family members of a man who was killed in a Trenton, New Jersey hit-and-run are pleading for the driver to come forward.

Celso Rivera, 35, was struck at the intersection of Route 129 and Lalor Street around 5 a.m. on August 29.

Police say Rivera took a rideshare in the early morning hours and was outside of the car when he was struck. Police said they are going through surveillance video in the area.

Action News spoke with Rivera's family at the scene, where friends and family have placed candles and flowers in his memory.

"All I want is justice for my son," said his mother, Maritza Rivera. "Now my son is gone, and I have no answers. I got to carry this with me for the rest of my life."

Rivera's brother was wearing a shirt with his picture on it, and was holding a photo of Rivera that he said was taken hours before the deadly hit-and-run.

"We are not in peace, we need help," said Neil Ramirez.

Rivera's sister, Cristina Alvarado, said before the hit-and-run occurred, the family was together.

"We went to do game night at my sister's house, and it became a tragedy for us," she said. "My brother never made it home."

Alvarado said sometime in the early morning hours the loving father of a 6-year-old son left game night in a rideshare, and was dropped off at the intersection near his house.

"I miss my brother every day, but being here, it reminds me of the last time I saw him, that same night," said Alvarado, "And coming here kind of gives me comfort, cause sometimes I feel like is he still here in spirit."

The family is pleading for the hit-and-run driver to have a conscience and come forward.

"He didn't make it home, and I'm never going to forget that, you know, it's like all I have now is just memories of him," said Alvarado.

Police said this is a very busy intersection where they have responded to a number of deadly incidents in the past.

At this point they don't know who the hit-and-run driver is, and they don't have a description of the car.

Investigators say they have gone as far as the Bronx, New York to investigate this case. Authorities are also looking to speak with the rideshare driver.