Super Bowl hoagie sale supports car crash survivor and others

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Sunday, February 13, 2022
Super Bowl hoagie sale supports car crash survivor and others
Clearview Regional High School held its annual Super Bowl fundraiser today, helping students in need one hoagie at a time!

MULLICA HILL, New Jersey (WPVI) -- "It's been a crazy year, but clearly I have a lot of support in family and school, the teachers, my classmates," said 18-year-old Julia Buck. "I don't think I could be where I am if I didn't have them."

Buck, a senior at Clearview Regional High School, is lucky to be alive.

"In April, me and my three friends, we went out to get ice cream and we got T-boned by truck," she said.

Out of the four girls in the vehicle, Buck was one of two who were airlifted to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. She spent 16 days on a ventilator and required several surgeries.

"They told us she was going to possibly be paralyzed," said Jennifer Buck, Julia's mom. "And today, I cannot believe she's walking."

Buck and her three friends spent the next several months visiting doctors, physical therapists, and ultimately getting showered in support from their community. 10 months and 10 surgeries later, that support persists.

Julia was chosen as one of the beneficiaries of the 8th Annual Hoagies 4 Hope fundraiser, which has netted $125,000 since 2015 to support local students in need. Student leaders are tasked with asking local businesses to sponsor the drive and encouraging community members to donate by purchasing sandwiches.

"This year, we raised over $20,000," said Student Council Co-Advisor Michael Wolk. "All that money that we raised is going towards four recipients that are all within the district that we're helping."

It's a blessing for the Buck family, who has seen a drastic change in lifestyle since the accident. Jennifer had to stop working to take care of her daughter full-time.

"We always are the family that is giving back, so for us to be taking all this stuff from everyone is very hard for us," said Jennifer. "I appreciate everyone here today thinking of Julia."

Julia and her three friends, now survivors, are grateful for the lessons they learned through the process.

"Who we were a year ago is not even close to who we are today," said Julia. "And that's something we're proud of, not necessarily sad about."

It may have even sparked a change in career paths.

"Before the accident, I wanted to be a lawyer," said Julia. "But after my two months away from home and seeing first-hand the medical field, I'm definitely on the route to going to medical school."

Julia's gratitude for first responders and healthcare workers has inspired her to seek the same kind of service in her life.

"I know that I won't be the last one that is in a car accident," she said. "And knowing that there's going to be people laying in the bed just like me, then I can help them."

To learn more about Clearview Regional High School's Hoagies 4 Hope, visit their website.

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