Philly airport expecting nearly 1 million travelers through start of 2022

Airport officials are suggesting you arrive three hours before your flight this holiday season.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- An estimated 925,000 people are expected to fly through Philadelphia International Airport now through January 4.

That's 59% more travelers than last Christmas.

"It's been busy. It was busy today, Thanksgiving was insane, but I got up here no problem," air traveler Abby McCann told Action News on Wednesday morning.

McCann said she always gets prepared early before leaving to visit family in South Jersey.

"Get up early, have all your stuff laid out the night before. Get there a good two hours before your flight takes off," McCann said.

Better yet, airport officials are suggesting you arrive three hours before your flight this holiday season.

"Last year it was a little less busy than this time now," traveler Fenelis Frannquel said.

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The TSA is ready to run into a lot of people bringing holiday food and gifts through security in carry-on bags.

Remember, liquid containers larger than 3.4 ounces are not allowed in your carry-on.

You're encouraged not to wrap any gifts you bring with you on the plane, but to use gift bags instead.

"If for some reason your gift triggers an alarm, the TSA officer is going to have to unwrap it to resolve the alarm. We want the individual who is supposed to receive that gift unwrapping it," TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein.

Keep in mind that the economy parking lot is no longer open at PHL, but parking garages are an option with limited spaces, as well as some privately owned lots that are off-site.

When it comes to those who are driving, the number of people traveling by car through the new year is expected to be as high as totals in 2018.

"Even if you're staying local, if you're planning to be out on the roads, you might want to consider off-peak travel," said AAA spokesperson Jana Tidwell.


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