Sneak peek of the Iron Menace, Dorney Park's 1st coaster in 19 years

Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Sneak peek: Iron Menace, Dorney Park's 1st coaster in 19 years
Sneak peek Iron Menace, Dorney Park's 1st coaster in 19 years

ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom is unleashing the Iron Menace Wednesday as thrill seekers prepare to be among the first to ride the Lehigh Valley's newest roller coaster!

Action News' Alyana Gomez got a special preview of the roller coaster that will make for some heart-pounding moments, located just outside Allentown, Pennsylvania.

It is the park's first new roller coaster there in nearly two decades and is the first-ever dive roller coaster in the northeastern United States! It includes a huge drop, and plenty of twist and turns.

"Iron Menace is the first of the dive coasters to have a tilted loop, which is a unique element that you'll experience with this coaster," said Elizabeth Ringas, president of American Coaster Enthusiast. "And that's combined with so many other twists and turns!"

Action News' Alyana Gomez previews Dorney Park's new Iron Menace roller coaster

The new roller coaster climbs 160 feet, then a three-second pause at the top will allow you to look straight down right before riders go "beyond vertical," plummeting down a 95-degree drop.

The coaster is said to hit speeds up to 64 miles per hour!

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The backstory of Iron Menace centers on an evil steel baron. Creators of the roller coaster said they took inspiration from from the Lehigh Valley's steel industry history.

Iron Menace will be the park's eighth roller coaster, the first new coaster since Hydra opened in 2005, and the largest since Steel Force opened in 1997.

The park says this is one of the largest capital investments in its history.