Boil water advisory still in effect for residents in Lower Bucks County

Officials said inadequately treated water may contain disease-causing organisms.
LEVITTTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Lower Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority issued a boil water advisory Friday for all customers, and some customers have reported little to no water pressure.

The notice said residents will experience low or no water pressure throughout their distribution system due to conditions of the Delaware River as a result of the storm.

"We went over to our daughter's house and filled up five-gallon containers, so we got six of them, and we're going to spread them across the area whoever needs it," said Cyndi Shillingford of Levittown.

Patrick Herman of Levittown added, "We're even using our pool water right now to flush the toilet, and it's funny, but thank goodness we have it."

Officials also warned all residents to boil water for a minute before usage. Officials said inadequately treated water may contain disease-causing organisms.

At John Lucas Pizza in Levittown, staff relied on bottled water to continue cooking their meals.

"It's been really tough, to be honest, really rough," said Amber Duarte, manager's assistant at John Lucas Pizza.

And without proper access to water, many surrounding businesses had to close their doors for the day.

"We got like a lot of dishes stacking up and all that," said Duarte. "We currently can't do anything about it. Same what the bathrooms, they're out of service because you can't wash your hands or flush."

On Sunday night, residents will be able to get free drinking water while supplies last from a water truck at the Falls Twp, Senior Center and the Bristol Twp. Senior Center. You must bring your own container(s).


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