Iconic Easter candy brand, Peeps, introducing new marshmallow treat flavors

The new flavors include Rice Krispies Treats, ICEE blue raspberry, sour raspberry and Delights s'mores graham cracker

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Wednesday, January 10, 2024
How Peeps are made
Easter just wouldn't be the same without cute, colorful Peeps! 🐰💐Here's a behind-the-scenes tour of how and where Peeps, Easter's favorite treat, are made!

BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- It's Peeps season! And the iconic candy brand is unveiling its Easter offerings.

The Bethlehem-based company, which claims to be the number one non-chocolate Easter candy brand, will release four new flavors of their marshmallow chicks and bunnies. The new offerings include collaborations with other popular brands.

One new sweet treat will be the Rice Krispies Treats flavored marshmallow chicks, which will only be available at Walmart.

Peeps is also partnering with ICEE for a blue raspberry flavored marshmallow chicks mashup. These will only be available at Target.

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Sour lovers may be excited to taste the new sour raspberry flavored marshmallow chicks, which will be exclusively sold at Kroger stores.

Lastly, Peeps is releasing a new Delights s'mores graham cracker flavored marshmallow chicks that will be dipped in milk chocolate!

Other returning fan-favorites will include:

  • Classic PEEPS Marshmallow Chicks and Bunnies
  • PEEPS Marshmallow Rainbow Pop
  • PEEPS MIKE AND IKE Flavored Pop
  • PEEPS DR PEPPER Flavored Marshmallow Chicks
  • PEEPS Cotton Candy Flavored Marshmallow Chicks
  • PEEPS Fruit Punch Flavored Marshmallow Chicks
  • PEEPS Party Cake Flavored Marshmallow Chicks
  • PEEPS Sour Watermelon Flavored Marshmallow Chicks
  • PEEPS Sparkly Wild Berry Flavored Marshmallow Bunnies
  • PEEPS Delights Marshmallow Chicks Dipped in Milk Chocolate
  • PEEPS Milk Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Chicks

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Customers can also get the Easter essentials that is only sold at Sam's Club, as well as the Delights strawberry chocolate dipped Peeps that are only available at Target and Cracker Barrel.