Winter storm creates trouble for drivers in Montgomery County, Pa.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021
Storm covers Montgomery County in snow
Cleaning parking lots in Montgomery County was an around-the-clock job during the snowstorm.

BRIDGEPORT, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Residents in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania are buried in nearly a foot of snow after a days-long winter storm.

Officials said it's been a difficult storm to manage with mixtures of snow and sleet making roads icy.

At points Monday, plow trucks switched over to spreading salt and brine to keep roads from icing over.

According to the National Weather Service, about 26.9" of snow was measured in Salford Township. In Norristown, 6.8 inches accumulated.

On Main Street in Norristown, Amzie Denson was seen spinning out as a couple of men stopped to try to help her get the vehicle going.

"I was trying to get pizza. I was just trying to get pizza for dinner tonight with my kids, that's it. Got snow banked," said Denson.

Snowstorm creates trouble for drivers in Montgomery County. Action News' Dann Cuellar reports.

Turns out she would not be alone. With the snow not letting up at all, the roadways were an absolute mess.

Earlier in the day, neighbors in Bridgeport were doing their best to stay on top of the snow.

WATCH: Winter storm dumps snow in Montgomery County, Pa.

Winter storm dumps snow in Montgomery County, Pa. Dann Cuellar reports for Action News at 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 1, 2021.

"I love the snow. I really enjoy this weather. I really enjoy the four seasons," said Luis Ramirez.

PennDOT has 70 trucks out in Montgomery County treating roads, but crews say roads won't be clear until the storm stops. For now, they are trying to keep them passable.

Barbara McAllister from King of Prussia, where 10.5" fell, did venture out, but it was a balancing act.

"I just don't want to fall, you know what I mean? I'll be done," she said.

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"My mom wanted coffee. You need the essentials during the snow," said Adam Gershovich.

County officials are asking people who have to be on the roads to slow down. Drivers are urged to stay home if possible.

"Just stay home. Makes it easier for us to make it safe for them to come out later," said plow truck operator Ryan Owens.

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