Morning Moms: Nydia Han shares view into her family's life amid pandemic

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Tuesday, December 22, 2020
Morning Moms: A look inside Nydia Han's pandemic life
Nydia Han shares a look inside your family's life amid the pandemic.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- I've really been enjoying our "Morning Moms" segment.

This time, I'm happy to share a window into our family's life amid the pandemic.

I think many of you will be able to relate.

My mornings are often a marathon and a sprint.

This week I'm filling in for Tamala Edwards, so that means up at 2 a.m., on the air at 4 a.m., then I am running out of the building to pick up our kids from home.

That means, instead of waking up with a "morning mom," sometimes our kiddos have a "morning dad" cooking breakfast.

At the start of the pandemic, dad's work was shut down so he turned into a gourmet chef and quite the handyman for our house - and the doll house.

Then I have the kids and we're heading to school. While some days I rush from work to get our kids to school in-person, other days, they're virtual.

While not ideal, that has resulted in our kids becoming incredibly tech-savvy. I now turn to them for IT help!

And I also get help from them on tips to care for our newly adopted kitties, as well as for reminders that laughter really is the best medicine.

But as is the case with every family, laughter hasn't always come easily.

Our parents' well-being is a constant concern and I've been heartbroken by the backlash against the Asian American community erroneously blamed for COVID-19.

But these challenges have brought us together and taught us lessons we will carry with us long after the pandemic.

And there have been bright spots.

I'm relieved my father was able to move to Philadelphia from South Korea in March, and grateful mild temperatures allowed us to celebrate Thanksgiving with the rest of our family.

As we run toward 2021, I hope you find joy, build resilience.

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