Pa. woman, former Eagles cheerleader, crafts care baskets for patients in need

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Friday, February 17, 2023
Former Eagles cheerleader crafts care baskets for patients in need
Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day, but pampering patients with care baskets is somewhat of a year-round thing for Peggy Jansen.

SWARTHMORE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- "It wasn't too far out of high school that I was fortunate enough to become a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader," said Peggy Jansen. "And they do a lot more than just cheer on the field. They teach you all about being charitable, paying it forward in the community. So, I think that's where my heart really got started in wanting to give back."

After cheering from 1979 to 1982, Jansen wanted to continue making people smile. She noticed a few friends who had fallen on hard times and decided to pamper them. This included going to their house, doing their hair, and leaving a care basket.

That was the spark that launched Peggy's Pampering, a charitable community of people that recycle or reuse items to craft care baskets for people battling illnesses like cancer.

"Two years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer," said Liz Dwyer, a teacher at Notre Dame de Lourdes School in Swarthmore. "She dropped stuff off for me and it just made me feel so special."

But that would not be the end of Dwyer's connection to Jansen.

"And then my daughter, last year, was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis," said Dwyer. "Somehow, Peggy found out and she started dropping off baskets for Andrea."

Jansen prepared a special basket to give to Andrea Dwyer today on Random Acts of Kindness Day. Andrea was headed to the hospital to learn how to use a new treatment for her condition.

"She has, like, little games, and snacks and stuff, and that makes me feel really happy," said Andrea, a 4th-grade student.

Peggy Jansen is also affiliated with the Philadelphia Professional Football Cheerleaders Alumni, which contributes to charitable causes in the area throughout the year.

But no matter how many smiles she procures, Jansen wants everyone to know that she can't do it alone.

"I just hope that by sharing this story, people realize that anyone can do what we're doing and that it's not me," she said. "It's not just me. It's the village of people that are supporting me to do this."

To learn more about Peggy's Pampering, visit their Facebook page.

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