QB Gardner Minshew comes to Philly, but what does that mean for Eagles?

Minshew is only 25 and has been a successful starter. In 20 chances, he has a 93 passer rating.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2021
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The Jacksonville Jaguars have traded QB Gardner Minshew II to the Philadelphia Eagles -- what does that mean for the team?

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- We knew a lot of cuts would be coming for the Philadelphia Eagles this week as they got their roster down to the league-mandated 53.

We did not foresee an addition, at least not this one.

But with Gardner Minshew becoming the second most famous mustached Gardner in Philadelphia (Jim Gardner of course being number one), what does this mean for the Birds?

Remember after the 2020 Draft, when the Eagles selected Jalen Hurts even though they had Carson Wentz. It was another move nobody saw coming.

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Back then, Howie Roseman called the team a "quarterback factory". The problem is, compiling a good QB when you already had one eventually led to disaster, a disgruntled Wentz -- the rest is history.

Minshew is an interesting pickup. He's not Joe Flacco, a veteran there to serve as a mentor and a backup. Minshew is only 25 and has been a successful starter. In 20 chances, he has a 93 passer rating.

He's still on his rookie contract and they got him for only a sixth-round pick, which becomes a fifth-round pick if Minshew plays at least 50% of the snaps this season.

The fact that it's even an "if" is interesting. Could you imagine if that happened? It would be insanity.

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The best-case scenario is that Howie Roseman got Minshew at a bargain, and he gives them a serviceable backup who has the chance to take the team on a run should anything happen to Hurts.

The worst-case scenario? Hurts struggles and the fans will be calling for the mustached Minshew to come in and save the day.

Quarterback controversies are the last thing we need around here.