Philadelphia Eagles' loss in Dallas raises a number of red flags

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Thursday, September 30, 2021
Eagles' loss in Dallas raises a number of red flags
Monday's loss shows it's time to really worry about the Eagles.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Eagles have turned the page and moved on to the Kanas City Chiefs, but it's hard for us to forget the Monday Night Massacre in Dallas because of the red flags it raised about this team.

Let's start with the quarterback. Jalen Hurts seemed so solid in Week 1.

But the past two weeks have been a major regression and there are again questions as to whether he will be the guy going forward.

His accuracy has been suspect. He seems to target one receiver and not see the whole field. He's relying way too much on his feet and not his arm.

Hurts said the loss was on him and that's noble. Nobody is questioning his leadership. But his quarterbacking? Different story.

And how about the coach? Nick Sirianni's gameplan for Dallas was a complete dud.

So are the excuses he's been making as to why he didn't run the ball. The Eagles had 53 offensive plays Monday night. Only three were called runs for the running backs.

A 50 to three run-pass ratio? Historic - it's never been done before.

The average NFL team runs the ball 27 times a game. The Eagles only needed 24 more to be mediocre!

And it's not like they don't have a solid running back; Miles Sanders is one of the most explosive weapons in the league, and the two times he did run the ball he picked up 27 total yards. His three catches netted 28 more.

I also think some of the coach's quirks are starting to get old, fast. His "Beat Dallas T-shirt, while fun fodder leading up to the game, only gave the Cowboys more reason to beat him.

And now? He's taking heat for that.

Of course the biggest concern right now? Is that the most solid unit on the team, the offensive line, now features only two healthy starters.

I know it's only Week 4. But I'm starting to worry.