It's all good as Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles close OTAs

Thursday, June 9, 2022
Eagles OTA recap: All fun for Sirianni, Birds
Jamie Apody reports from Philadelphia Eagles OTAs where the mood is good and the players are having fun again.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Who says professional sports have to be so serious?

Nick Sirianni is putting the "fun" back in football around here, and I am very curious to see if it has an impact in the regular season.

The Eagles completed their final OTA workouts this week before training camp starts in late July.

Attendance wasn't perfect. And it wasn't a huge deal.

Practices weren't very intense. And not much was made about it.

The head coach admitted he has handed play-calling duties over to the offensive coordinator. And it wasn't earth-shattering news.

Things feel, dare I say, relaxed and drama-free around here.

Sirianni was all smiles on the field and his players seem to follow suit.

Everything is a competition.

The coach offered an assistant a thousand bucks if he could knock the ball out of a running back's hands with a boxing glove attached to the end of a stick.

Sirianni hosts free throw contests during team meetings on a hoop set up in the middle of the auditorium.

They called off practice on the final day after an assistant coach was able to cleanly field a punt.

Gone are the days of anonymous leaks from the locker room, cliques amongst players, and Chip Kelly not talking to anyone in the hallways.

I mean, Sirianni actually went around the room and gave a fist bump to every single member of the media because he missed everyone!

Is it possible that things can continue this carefree?

Well, if it results in winning -- it sure can.

We still have a couple of months before we'll know whether or not F-U-N can turn into W-I-Ns.

But I'll tell you this much; I'm enjoying it so far.