Bucks County musician updates Leonard Cohen classic with Philadelphia Eagles twist

Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Bucks Co. musician updates Leonard Cohen classic with Eagles twist
Musician Jamie Stem has once again turned Leonard Cohen's beloved classic "Hallelujah" into an uplifting anthem for the Philadelphia Eagles.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A Bucks County musician who has a knack for turning a beloved song into an uplifting anthem for our beloved Birds is back and better than ever.

We first introduced you to Jamie Stem back in 2018, when he first put a Philly twist on the Leonard Cohen classic, "Hallelujah"

Now, he's back with updated lyrics for this year's Super Bowl team.

Jamie says he got so much great feedback after his first version five years ago that he just had to do it again.

"I waited until right after the 49ers game because I was superstitious. Everybody's like 'You gotta write it!' So right after they beat them, I sat and wrote it in 10-15 minutes," he said.

He stuck to the same format, recorded it in the same spot and even wore the same jersey that he wore last time.

Jamie says that he has two favorite parts. One was the excitement of his 9-year-old son Jackson who jumps in at the end with the Eagles chant and the second are these lyrics: "And on February 12th, when the Eagles beat the Chiefs and all the poles throughout Philly are greased, they'll climb to the top and shout out Hallelujah!"

"It's just awesome that I get to be with my dad all the time," added Jackson.

Jamie says he would love to record the song with the Eagles offensive linemen....after they win on Sunday, of course!

Click the video below to hear Jamie's full version:

Go Birds!