Meet the Eagles superfan who runs into pillars before the big games

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Friday, February 10, 2023
Meet the Eagles superfan who runs into pillars before the big games
A viral video from 2018 sparked a superstition and tradition for Jigar Desai, affectionately known as the Eagles 'Pillar Guy.'

LOWER GWYNEDD TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Jigar Desai and his brother were en route to the NFC Championship game in 2018, which would send their beloved Eagles to the Super Bowl.

Desai is originally from India and works in omnichannel strategy and execution for a pharmaceutical company. He says he's been a Birds fan since birth.

While waiting to board the subway, Desai saw a train full of eager fans and couldn't contain his excitement. Running alongside the train to give one final, "Go Birds!," he was sidelined by a pillar.

A video of the collision was captured by a train passenger and quickly went viral on social media. The following weeks provided a whirlwind of excitement and media exposure as Desai became known as the 'Pillar Guy.'

He was joined by Swoop and Eagles Cheerleaders at the subway pillar to commemorate the experience. He was given tickets to see the Eagles play in London, United Kingdom. He was even featured in a digital short by the NFL.

But there was something more long-lasting that Desai took away from the experience.

"The original can never be duplicated in its intensity or the results," he said. "But as superstitious as I am, in my head, I was like, I'm gonna do this for every NFC Championship game and every Super Bowl."

Desai now performs a commemorative pillar-run-in before every playoff Eagles game. And he only does it on the day of each game.

"I call it superstition. I call it tradition. I made up a new word called, 'superstradition,'" he said. "And I've done it since then."

Desai, who watched the previous Eagles Super Bowl game at home with his family, is now going to see the big game in person.

"I am excited to say that I am going to the Super Bowl," he said. "So, if you have any solid pillar recommendations in Glendale, let me know because I will be continuing the tradition for sure."

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