Philadelphia Eagles fan surprised with 50th anniversary tailgate

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Monday, October 17, 2022
Philadelphia Eagles fan surprised with 50th anniversary tailgate
Just like his father before him, Greg D'Urbano celebrated his 50th year as a Philadelphia Eagles season ticket holder in style!

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- "This all started with my dad," said Greg D'Urbano. "Spending the day with my dad coming down to an Eagles game."

D'Urbano's father, Bob, was a tried-and-true Philadelphia Eagles fan. In the 1980s, Bob enjoyed a special tailgate with friends and family to commemorate his 50th year as a season ticket holder. The day of legend went down in history for its roasted pig and classic fan gear.

Although Bob has since passed away, his love for football lives on with his son, Greg. The Newtown Square resident travels to each Eagles game in a custom van and tailgates in his usual spot.

In fact, Greg reached his own 50-year milestone this season.

That's why his friends and family decided to recreate his father's famous tailgate, fit with the pig, the gear, the people, and even the same table.

"This is a total surprise to me, all this," said Greg D'Urbano. "I mean, I know it was my 50-year, but this is totally a surprise."

It was in large part to D'Urbano's children and their friends who recreated the atmosphere, including the classic embroidered polo and celebratory banner.

D'Urbano's friend, Paul Rogers, has tagged along for decades. He took the helm at the grill during todays' tailgate.

"We started out throwing tarps over a couple cars with a six pack and a hoagie," said Rogers. "For us to get to this point, with a bus and a giant tailgate, he definitely deserved everything he got."

It was another historic celebration that is sure to be remembered by D'Urbano's own children and grandchildren.

"I want my kids to take this and run with it, too. I want to make it a third generation," said D'Urbano. "And so far, they look like they're in it like I was with my father. So, so far, I think I'm doing a good job."

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