Philadelphia schools announce schedule changes for some upcoming Fridays

Six Fridays this school year will become half days to give teachers professional development time.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Schedule changes are coming to the School District of Philadelphia.

School officials announced they have decided to switch six Fridays this school year to half days to give teachers professional development time.

Some parents at Overbrook Elementary say they don't want to lose the class time- but understand.

"The children do need to be in school as much as possible because there is mothers, including myself, that go to work, school, and also have other children," remarked Erica Dorsey of Overbrook.

Dorsey added, "But I do understand that the teachers also need time to see what changes they need to make and adjustments they need to make also."

"I'll take as many hours as we can put students in class as possible," stated Alice Etienne.

The adjustments were made after more drastic calendar changes were proposed, but ultimately pulled from Thursday night's school board meeting agenda.

"I want my kid to be in school as much as she can because education is way more important than everything else, but as far as understanding the condition right now that's going on- we gotta work together," said parent Eli Thomas of Overbrook.

School District Superintendent Dr. William Hite addressed the calendar revisions in the school board meeting.

"As we prepare for the next academic year, we will be looking for ways to strike the balance between providing them time and meeting the needs of our parents and families," Hite said.

On Friday, November 19, students will be released three hours earlier than normal. That will be followed by the same schedule on December 17, January 21, February 18, March 18, and May 13.


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