Philly's 'Rosary Lady' handcrafts gifts for first responders and more

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Tuesday, December 26, 2023
Philly's 'Rosary Lady' handcrafts gifts for first responders and more
Kathy Perpetua has handcrafted more than just a pocketful of prayer knots for people across the city of Philadelphia.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- "Santa Claus has his workshop, but this is my workshop," said Kathy Perpetua.

The Northeast Philadelphia native spends every day handcrafting rosaries. She calls her operation, 'Our Lady's Rainbow Rosaries'.

"They might not remember my name, but they know I'm the Rosary Lady," said Perpetua.

It was a tradition Perpetua carried on for her sister. And it quickly grew into a major operation when she was asked to teach local middle school students how to make the prayer threads.

In 2009, they created thousands of rosaries for police officers across Philadelphia.

To this day, Perpetua still donates her creations to police officers particularly when they graduate from the academy.

"It doesn't matter what religion you are. Think of them as prayer beads. Everyone prays," she said. "They are meant for certain people. And they are the people who get them. And they are the people who need them."

Perpetua's rosaries have made it to many parts of the world and are coveted by police officers, firefighters, military members, and all other walks of life.

"And that's my gift," she said. "Until I go up to heaven, hopefully, one day, I will make them every day."

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