Top 6 'Wedding Edition': Latest trends in Philly weddings

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Friday, May 26, 2023
Philly wedding trends: No wedding cake? Different bridesmaid dresses?
Jessica Boyington finds out about the latest trends in Philly weddings.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Lauren Westerman is one of the top wedding planners in our area and she's been helping me get ready for the big day.

But for this segment, she's giving us all tips on some unique trends she has been noticing with her brides!

So we're the Philly showroom of Party Rental LTD, a full-service party rental company to see what Lauren has in store for us!

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A lot of brides are opting for pops of color as opposed to classic pinks and whites for their wedding decor. The popularity of magenta is on the rise, and one of those colors that you might find on table settings or woven into flower arrangements. Changing linens, silverware, or glassware is also a creative but small change that will for sure make your wedding stand out from the rest.


Don't forget the dessert...and we're not talking about the wedding cake! If you have a sweet tooth, you'll be thrilled to hear that dessert tables with a spread of sugary treats are all the rage. Some couples are even downsizing their wedding cake or leaving it out altogether, and adding local treats to the mix. (Think a Federal Donut wall for the Philly bride!) It's low maintenance for the bride and groom and it's a great way to give your guests options!


Next stop...Jan's Boutique in Cherry Hill, NJ! Owners and brothers Paul and Peter Virilli tell me that this shop is packed with 6,000 dresses at any given time. They have options for 8th-grade dances, proms, weddings, and even mother of the bride in every style and color that you could imagine.

The new trend with your bridesmaids is that they can all wear something a little different! You choose a solid color or color combination and your ladies can choose a gown that fits them the best. Remember, every single body is different and subtle changes in a dress can be the difference in having your best friends feel their most comfortable.

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