Want a PS5 or Xbox Series X? Watch out for these scam warning signs

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Monday, November 30, 2020
Want a PS5 or Xbox One? Watch for these scam warning signs
We all want that PlayStation 5 or Xbox One for Christmas! But, beware not to fall for a scam when trying to buy the sold-out product.

Two of the most popular and hard-to-find gifts this year are the new PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, and many parents might fall victim to scams while trying to desperately buy these sold-out game consoles.

The companies made thousands of these devices, but thousands of people want them, so scammers look to take advantage of the supply problem.

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The devices are not cheap either. The PS5 goes for $499, but it can be seen going for over $1,000 on some sites like eBay.

Many people who are not prepared to spend $1,000 on a $500 console might be tempted to see if an offer from a website they've never purchased from or heard of.

The Better Business Bureau of Houston said those websites could be claiming to have the consoles in stock, but after giving your credit card information, the device never shows up.

"Then they try to contact the company or to get a refund, and they are not able to get a response from the company at all or get their money back," Leah Napoliello with the BBB said.

You are advised to know who the seller is, and if you do not, look for reviews. Potential buyers can type the name of the seller, followed by the word "scam" into an internet search box and see what comes up.

If the devices are for sale at a lower price, that is a huge red flag.

There are also some websites that will notify you when stores get the devices in stock.


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