Pa. police officer doubles as the 'Philly Flash,' a nationally recognized artistic pool player

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Tuesday, December 26, 2023
Pa. police officer doubles as an artistic pool player
Steve Markle's trick shots wow crowds and fulfill his lifelong passion of playing pool.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Steve Markle is a police officer for Lower Makefield Township, and his skills in pool may just surprise you.

"Pool has really defined my's become who I am," said Steve Markle.

He strikes a perfect balance of service to the community, and his current journey to world champion in artistic pool.

The journey started playing pool with his father when someone showed them how to execute a "four-ball shot."

From there, Markle learned trick shots on YouTube where he posted his own videos of his talented playing.

Markle is dubbed as the "Philly Flash" for representing the local area and also for his speediness while performing.

Since competing, his impressive skills have been recognized with substantial accomplishments.

"I'm currently world ranked ninth on the professional tour. This year I actually won the 2023 U.S. Nationals artistic pool championship," said Markle.

He is currently preparing for a world championship competition that brings the best from across the globe together.

"Can't believe I started this as a young kid...I don't think I thought I would be where I'm at where I have a very successful career in law enforcement; and, I'm able to do my favorite hobby which is pool," said Markle.

For more information on Steve Markle and his journey, check out his YouTube.