Dog missing for 6 years returns home to family after being found across country

A cute dog named Prance is happy to be back home in Illinois with her owners after going missing for six years.

Prance was finally found over the summer on the streets of California, more than 2000 miles away from her home, WIFR reports.

A good samaritan picked Prance up and took her to a shelter.

When Prance was scanned for a microchip, the owner's name and contact information in Illinois popped up.

The owners were stunned when they were contacted by the shelter.

They wanted her back, but didn't know how to get her home.

A semi-truck driver heard the story on social media and stepped in to help.

He was driving from California to Illinois, and offered Prance a ride home.

Veterinarians say Prance wouldn't be reunited with her family if it weren't for the microchip.