3 generation keep Valentine's Day family tradition going at South Philadelphia flower shop

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024
Philadelphia flower shop opens early for Valentine's Day rush
Philadelphia flower shop opens early for Valentine's Day rush

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Valentine's Day orders were pouring in and heading out at Quinn's Flower Shop early Wednesday morning in South Philadelphia.

"Valentine's Day is the biggest day for us in the floral industry," said owner Frank Quinn IV.

Quinn was at work long before the sun came up, with deliveries going out all across the city, the suburbs and around the tri-state area.

Red roses are the day's top seller, using 300-400 dozen for Valentine's Day orders.

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Quinn's Flower Shop first opened in 1918 and is a 5th generation business, started by Quinn's great-grandfather, who was also named Frank. The business has since been passed down through generations.

"My grandparents started it. We were lucky enough to carry it on throughout the decades," said Frank Quinn III.

Franks III, IV and V, were all there as working on Valentines Day is family tradition.

"I was about eight when I was put in at Valentine's Day just handing flowers or moving a box or bucket or whatever I could do," explained Frank V.

"There's not many family activities going on anymore in the world. For us to be able to keep this going- it's a great day," said Frank IV. "I'm grateful for this opportunity that my family has passed on to us to continue the legacy going."