Pa. cyber school students dive into marine biology camp at Adventure Aquarium

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Thursday, June 22, 2023
Pa. cyber school students dive into marine biology camp
Reach Cyber Charter School provides its students with incredible in-person experiences like this four-day camp with the Center for Aquatic Sciences.

CAMDEN, New Jersey (WPVI) -- "It's so important for the next generation to get to see and get to explore different careers," said Nicolette Silverman, Manager of Career Experiences at Reach Cyber Charter School.

The tuition-free school provides virtual learning to students in Pennsylvania while also connecting them to incredible in-person opportunities.

This week, students attended a four-day summer camp administered by the Center for Aquatic Sciences. Their learning took them throughout Adventure Aquarium, allowing them to learn about sharks, stingrays, and other marine species.

Community Journalist Matteo Iadonisi poses with students that took him on a tour of Adventure Aquarium today.

"I did learn a lot and I definitely made more friends here," said 4th-grade student Sophia Colon. "I've also petted the sharks and the sharks, they're super friendly."

Kindergarten through 8th-grade students at Reach get to enjoy career exploration activities like these, whereas the higher grade levels get even more hands-on.

"For ninth through 12th graders, our students are able to earn credit for doing job shadows, career mentoring, internships," said Silverman. "And all of those experiences come at no cost to our families."

The Center for Aquatic Sciences oversees outreach and educational programs such as these within the aquarium for various kinds of schools and groups. Originally founded in 1989 as the New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences, it has grown and evolved to serve the community in Camden.

This year, they celebrate their 30th anniversary of their Community and Urban Science Enrichment (CAUSE) program. CAUSE has helped about 200 students to pursue careers through workshops and scientific training.

To learn more about Reach Cyber Charter School or the Center for Aquatic Sciences, visit their websites.

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