Shoppers head to Reading Terminal Market to get ready for Easter

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Thursday, April 6, 2023
Shoppers head to Reading Terminal Market to get ready for Easter
Crowds headed to Reading Terminal Market on Thursday to get their Easter goodies.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Shoppers at Reading Terminal Market were busy Thursday morning getting their sweet treats ahead of Easter.

"I actually got dark chocolate covered pretzels. Me and my grandkids love them," said one shopper.

Many shoppers at Sweet As Fudge are loading up on chocolate ahead of Easter Sunday.

"All the bunnies. We got a bunch of bunnies here," said Keith Beiler, co-owner of Sweet As Fudge.

The store has a large selection of Easter-themed chocolates and other candies. Beiler says he has to keep up with demand.

"This is the busiest time of the year, this week. It's insane this year," said Beiler.

At Pennsylvania General Store chocolate eggs and other candies were on display for customers to hand-pick what they want to put in their Easter basket.

"It's exciting to see all the people come to fill their baskets and ask for us to customize eggs and do different stuff for them," said Synniyah Connor, a cashier at the Pennsylvania General Store.

While some little ones say they cherish getting the same special candies this time of the year.

"If anything it's probably peeps why do you like peeps? Pretty much because I never get them," said Andrew Garay, of Annapolis, Maryland.

Parents say they have a hard time picking out what to get from the large assortment of chocolates behind the display.

"Definitely the truffles, choosing some of the truffles. Trying to decide between a regular dark champagne truffle, versus an artisanal one that has the decorations on top," said Krystal Garay, of Annapolis, Maryland.

The store manager of Termini Brothers says she enjoys seeing familiar faces come back this time each year.

"It's really kind of awesome everyone has a story about how they've been coming to termini brothers since they were children," said Mary Oliver, a store manager at Termini Brothers.

Many store owners said they do expect business to ramp up Friday, so they suggest coming out as soon as possible.