Delaware Valley celebrates America Recycles Day

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Blue recycling bins were a hot commodity inside the Philadelphia Municipal Services building on Friday as the streets department was working to do its part in easing up on trash disposal by celebrating America Recycles Day.

Volunteers gave away free recycling receptacles for those who stopped in. They also provided education about what can and cannot be thrown away in the blue bins.

"Keeping out plastic bags, keeping out food waste, keeping out paper towels and things of that nature," said Kyle Lewis the recycling program director for the streets department. "So, all of us have a part in it, anyone who throws something away can participate in recycling and really make an impact on the environment."

Plastic bags actually get stuck in the recycling machines and end up costing the city big time.

Also, be sure to rinse all food containers. Food can contaminate the recycling process. For that reason, items like cardboard pizza boxes are a no-go, because of the grease left behind.

For more recycling do's and dont's click HERE.

In Chester, volunteers are aiming to take matters into their own hands, forming a coalition called "Bag It Chester."

Organizers say they are tired of seeing plastic bag waste in the streets of Chester, and say they "can no longer wait for the state or city to enact a plastic bag ban."

On Friday, they provided free cloth reusable bags for residents to use when they go shopping, in place of the plastic bags.
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