Sculpture in the Glen offers viewers an immersive, outdoor art exhibition

The exhibition is a collaboration between InLiquid and the owners of the property.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Just 15 minutes outside of Philadelphia, four acres of property have been transformed into an immersive exhibition where the audience is invited to enjoy sculptures in a unique way.

It's the second edition of "Sculpture in the Glen" and it marks 21 years of InLiquid , a nonprofit focused on promoting visual artists.

It's a site-specific installation in Gladwyne and it comprises 24 different artists and about 30 sculptures," says Rachel Zimmerman, Artistic and Executive Director of InLiquid.

The exhibition is a collaboration between InLiquid and the Burch Family, owners of the property.

"It was really their idea to do the sculpture garden," Zimmerman says. "To get people to go all throughout the property and see art in an unexpected way and actually have their own experience about it," Zimmerman said.

It's also a chance to showcase local talent.

"There are a lot of artists in Philadelphia that do really beautiful outdoor work, and it doesn't get seen very frequently," Zimmerman said. "Some are more traditional like Ricky and Joshua Kauffman, who do very naturalistic stuff. And then there are more contemporary artists."

The artists have a wide range of styles.

Vicki Vinton's piece, "Stand with Presence", is among the highlights.

"It's really about, power, and substance," Zimmerman says. "Especially since this is the anniversary of the suffragist movement, I think that speaks to some important topics."

As you wander the property, you'll find installations up in a tree and down in a creek.

And if you find a piece you really like, you can take it home with you.

"The idea is really to get people to think about how they live and the world around them ... and hopefully find a piece that makes them happy," Zimmerman says.

Sculpture in the Glen II
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