Lost your sense of taste or smell? Researchers in Philadelphia want to talk to you

Researchers are finding that foods can seem rancid to some people who got their sense of smell back after COVID.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- If you've ever lost your taste or smell, whether due to COVID or not, some Philadelphia researchers want to hear from you.

Monell Chemical Senses Center is conducting the first-ever full-scale survey to find out what patients experience.

"When and how they became aware of it, what types of information they were provided by health care providers they went to, to talk about this problem. And what their responses were, what sort of hurdles they might have experienced in terms of getting diagnosed," said Dr. Nancy Rawson.

Rawson says up to 85% of those getting the original COVID strain lost smell, taste, or both.

And there's a new twist: some patients have recovered, only to get a distorted sense of smell months later.

"People experience garbage odors, or stale cigarette smoke, you know, from things that they used to truly enjoy and appreciate," Rawson said.

"For example, common triggers are things like coffee, meats, onions, garlic, and they smell rancid," said Katie Boateng of the Smell and Taste Association, which is also involved in the survey.

For more information, visit the Taste and Smell Survey from the Monell Chemical Senses Ctr.
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